We're all about the pre-historic vibes ✨

aaaand we're building a DAO 📝

By collecting wagmiSaurus' you'll have a voice in the community and help guide the direction of the project and development of the story. Check out our roadmap to see what we have in store for WagmiPark. Working together we can continue to grow the Wagmi ecosystem!

What's on the roadmap? 🦖

  • We're here to vibe together as a dope community and build something great together. So take a look at what the founding team has been cooking for you:

Project Funds and Royalties


Core Team and Partners

DinoDAO Bank

Artist LaunchPad


6.9% Total Royalties

4% Core Team

2.9% DinoDAO Bank


What is the total supply and cost of the NFTs?
There will be a total of 6,000 unique wagmiSaurus and at mint day they will go for 0.025 ETH at Public Sale.
Why wagmiSaurus?
Didn't we just tell you that these creatures were going to be used for something really terrible? I believe we have. So, come on. Let's help them out. The wagmiSaurus just started to be released to the Ethereum Blockchain, help them achieve their true potential and vibe with this incredible community. We're all about the vibez.

However, seriously now, we're building an inclusive community and DAO. We will use our DAO to educate all newcomers to web3, provide knowledge with seminars, learning resources and more! As part of the DAO you'll also get to join one of its Guilds and collaborate with an amazing group of people and help shape the future of our community.
What is DAOsaurus?
DinoDAO is the wagmiSaurus Decentralized Autonomous Organization - with the goal of teaching our community on how to collaborate, learn web3 together and invest together.

The DinoDAO will have access to the wagmiBANK - part of our Mint and Royalties proceeds will fund the bank. And the community can discuss proposals and resolutions on what to do with the funds - invest in other projects, yield farming, etc.

You can check our Roadmap Details to see the major plans for DinoDAO - Click on the car -> 🚘

‍If you'd like to learn more about our DAO - check our Docs - Click on the book -> 📚
What is the Launchpad for Artists?
Part of the Public Mint funds will be put into creating Palafina Studios.

Palafina Studios will serve as a Launchpad for artists that are new to web3 and would like to bring their work forward into the space.

Palafina Studios will help underrepresented artists from all over the world - we're starting with Latin America - to fund and launch their project into the NFT space.

Launchpad's Website -> 🚀
What do I get?
You get all of the cool stuff! No, really, ALL of THE COOL STUFF.
You get access to our raffles, internal games, the dopest merchandise, parties, virtual events, and you get to help fund other dope projects and foster partnerships with other communities.

You get access to our DinoDAO and to help our Launchpad for Artists.

The Launchpad for Artists will be getting members of our DinoDAO the exclusive chance of getting in early and supporting these new artists!
How to Mint wagmiSaurus NFTs?
Follow this GUIDE on how to mint NFTs. You should also join our discord and look for our #mint-guide channel.